Mino Menuki

Dimensions: 47 mm x 11 mm x 6 mm
46 mm x 11 mm x 6.5 mm

This is a Mino school menuki set done in a floral theme. These are takabori on shakudo with nice details. The deki shows the steep walled carving style of Mino-bori. This menuki set has a 1984 NTHK Shinteisho paper. Please note that the Wakayama sensei was one of the judges at this shinsa and his seal is on the paper. The paper states that this a Mino work of the late Edo period. Shinsa standards at this time were quite strict and conservative judgement was the rule. In comparison to Ko-Mino, these are heavier and have thicker walls. These are quite exciting to study vs. other Mino examples based on the Wakayama's kantei. Certainly ideal for detailed study of Mino tosogu or mounting on an old-style koshirae.